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Terms and Conditions for In-Store Leather Goods Repair Services

These terms and conditions are intended to protect the interests of customers and safeguard the rights of The Groom Shoes Repair & Polish Limited. By using our in-store leather goods repair services, customers acknowledge that they have read, fully understood, and agree to abide by these terms.

1. Scope of Service
The Groom Shoes Repair & Polish Limited provides on-site leather goods repair services, including but not limited to the cleaning, maintenance, repair, and alteration of leather shoes, leather bags, sneakers, and other leather goods.

2. Repair Process
i) Customers bring the leather goods that need repair to The Groom Shoes Repair & Polish Limited, where our staff will conduct an initial inspection and provide a quotation.
ii) After the customer confirms the quotation and settles the relevant fees, the store will begin the repair work.
iii) Upon completion of the repair, the store will notify the customer. The customer must present the original receipt to collect their leather goods.

3. Fees and Payment
i) Repair fees are determined based on the actual repair items and their complexity. The specific fees will be quoted by our store staff.
ii) Customers must pay the full amount upon collecting their leather goods. Accepted payment methods include cash and bank cards.

4. Responsibilities and Obligations
i) The Groom Shoes Repair & Polish Limited is responsible for providing repair services as agreed and ensuring the quality of repairs.
ii) Customers must ensure that the leather goods submitted for repair are their personal property or that they have legal disposal rights. They must provide accurate information about the leather goods and repair requirements.
iii) The Groom Shoes Repair & Polish Limited is not liable for delays or losses caused by inaccurate information or unreasonable repair requests provided by the customer.

5. Repair Timeframe
The repair timeframe depends on the specific repair items. Generally, the store will complete the repair within the agreed time after receiving the leather goods. If an extension is needed due to special circumstances, the store will notify the customer in advance.

6. Collection and Storage
i) Customers must collect their leather goods within 60 working days after being notified by the store. If not collected within this period, the store will handle the goods according to relevant regulations.
ii) Customers should inspect the leather goods upon collection. Any issues must be raised immediately. The store is not responsible for problems discovered after the customer leaves the premises.
* If the customer fails to collect the items within the time specified in section 6.1, the items will be transferred to our Chai Wan warehouse. Customers must contact us within 30 days to schedule a pickup at the warehouse. Unclaimed items after this period will be considered abandoned by the customer, who will forfeit any claims against The Groom Shoes Repair & Polish Limited. The company reserves the right to dispose of the items, including but not limited to destruction, transfer, or resale.

7. Returns and Compensation
i) If there is a quality issue with the repaired leather goods, customers must present the repair receipt to request a return or compensation within the agreed timeframe after collection.
ii) Customers must provide clear and complete evidence such as photos and videos to support their return or compensation request.
iii) For compensation claims, customers must provide the original receipt and proof of authenticity of the item. The compensation amount will be calculated based on depreciation rates.
iv) After mutual agreement on compensation, The Groom Shoes Repair & Polish Limited has the right to request the customer to return the compensated item.
v) If the repair service cannot proceed or is canceled due to customer reasons, the repair service fee already paid will not be refunded.
vi) If the service cannot be completed due to reasons attributable to The Groom Shoes Repair & Polish Limited, the paid repair service fee will be refunded proportionally or in full.

8. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution
These terms are governed by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. In case of disputes, both parties should first attempt to resolve the issue amicably. If the dispute cannot be resolved, either party has the right to take legal action in a court of competent jurisdiction in Hong Kong.

9. Miscellaneous
i) The Groom Shoes Repair & Polish Limited reserves the right to interpret and amend these terms. Any amendments will be posted in-store and will take effect immediately.
ii) By using our in-store repair services, customers are deemed to accept these terms.

Note: The term "leather goods" mentioned in these terms refers to all items submitted for repair, including but not limited to leather products, sports shoes, synthetic leather products, and other items entrusted to The Groom Shoes Repair & Polish Limited for repair.

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Last updated: 5 June 2024