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Leather shoe care might sound like a serious affair, but truth be told, a little extra TLC in our daily routines can make our leather goods super durable. Taking care of leather shoes boils down to two simple principles: keeping them clean and keeping them dry. With just a few easy steps, we can significantly extend the lifespan of our shoes.

Here are 6 little secrets for caring for your leather shoes.

1. Switch Shoes, Don't Stick to One Pair Every Day

Leather needs some breathing room, just like our skin. So, try to rotate between two pairs of shoes instead of wearing the same one every day. We all know our feet can get a bit sweaty, and leather absorbs that moisture. Giving them a day off helps the shoes dry out properly, significantly extending their life.


2. Clean After Every Wear

Keep a shoe brush or ultra-fine microfiber cloth handy and quickly clean your shoes after each wear. This prevents dust and dirt from settling deep into the leather, saving you trouble when dealing with stains later on.


3. Use Shoe Trees When Not Worn

Shoe trees made ofcedar are a golden step in shoe care, often overlooked. Leather pores absorb moisture and odors, leading to deterioration. Shoe trees absorb moisture and odors while maintaining the shoe's shape, preventing wrinkles. This single step can significantly extend the life of your shoes.


4. Avoid Extreme Weather

If possible, steer clear of wearing leather shoes in heavy rain, and be cautious on salt-and-snow-covered sidewalks in winter. Water can stain even waterproofed leather, and wet leather soles are more susceptible to damage on hard surfaces. If you know you'll be facing rain or snow, wear protective overshoes or galoshes.

If your shoes get wet, let them air dry naturally with shoe trees, avoiding heat sources that can crack and damage the leather.


5. Polish Every Sixth Wear

Just as you don't want leather to be too wet, you also don't want it to dry out, as it can increase the chances of cracking.An easy way to maintain a healthy balance is to use shoe polish every six wears.

Shoe polish moisturizes the leather, adds a protective layer against dust and water, restores color, and conceals scuffs and blemishes. Choose between wax and cream polish based on the finish you prefer.(or use both).

Shoe polish is more moisturizing than wax and will create a natural shine. Wax is slightly more protective and will have a brighter shine, but it dries easily. We could try starting with shoe polish and then adding a layer of wax, but the final choice will depend on the level of shine we want.

Use a microfiber cloth to wipe clean shoes in a circular motion, and if we want to go a step further, use a bristle brush to massage the shoe cream deep into the leather. Finally, use a polishing mitt and/or brush to polish the shoes to restore their shine.


6. Store Shoes in Dust Bags When Not Worn

Dust can work its way into leather shoes over time, causing staining and aging. If you won't be wearing your shoes regularly, store them in fabric dust bags to protect them while allowing ventilation.

Certainly, there are additional methods to extend the life of your shoes, such as using high-quality leather conditioner or seeking professional care from a cobbler. However, these six simple steps should handle the majority of maintenance tasks. With proper care, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much longer your shoes can last.

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