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完成申請 VIP 會員,光臨本店惠顧修補鞋履或購物可獲九折優惠。(配匙、寄賣品、公價貨品,清潔翻新皮革用品及維修手袋除外)

VIP Members who have completed the application will receive a 10% discount when visiting our store for shoe repair or shopping. (EXCEPT KEYS, CONSIGNMENT ITEMS, PUBLIC-PRICED ITEMS, CLEANING AND REFURBISHING LEATHER PRODUCTS AND REPAIRED HANDBAGS)



一個月內惠顧滿港幣 500 元或以上續會會員須惠顧滿港幣300元或以上。Purchase over HK$500 within 1 month. (Renewal over HKD$300)


掃描 QR CODE 進入會員申請網頁。Scan the QR CODE to enter the membership application page.


填寫聯絡資料並連同合資格收據上傳到申請表格。Complete the contact details and upload the eligible receipt.


等待完成審批後即享會員優惠。You can enjoy membership discounts after waiting for approval.

注:遞交申請會員優惠後,需時1-7個工作天,會員優惠需在批核完成後,方可生效。客人可於下次惠顧修鞋服務或購物時,可享有9折優惠。( 配匙、寄賣品、公價貨品,清潔翻新皮革用品及維修手袋除外)。
Note: After submitting the application for membership discount, it will take 1-7 working days, and the membership discount will not take effect until the approval is completed. Members can enjoy 10% discount starting from next shoe repair service or purchase. (Except keys, consignment items, public-priced items, cleaning and refurbishing leather products and repaired handbags).

In case of any dispute, The Groom Shoes Repair & Polish 修寶鞋藝 reserves the right of final decision.

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