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受疫情影響,相信不少顧客因此不便攜帶皮具和鞋履親臨門市進行維修服務。提供貼心服務是我們的使命,我們致力於滿足閣下的需求!Affected by the epidemic, it is believed that many customers are inconvenient to bring leather goods and shoes to our store for maintenance services. Providing caring service is our mission, and we are committed to meeting your needs!

由即日起,修寶鞋藝 The Groom 將推出全新服務「Pick Up & Delivery 上門收取送遞維修服務」,讓您安坐家中也能享用我們的專業維修服務。From now on, The Groom will launch a new service “Pick Up & Delivery”, allowing you to enjoy our professional maintenance services at home.

Step 1. Whatsapp 5563 3608 報價 Quotes Via WhatsApp 
透過 WhatsApp 向我們提供需維修物件的說明,或上傳維修物件的現況照片,我們將第一時間回覆,並提供初步報價。Explain the condition of the item to be repaired to us via WhatsApp, or upload a photo of the current condition of the item to be repaired, and we will reply as soon as possible and provide a preliminary quotation.

Step 2. 上門收取維修物件 Pick up repair items
在閣下確認初步報價後,我們將盡快安排時間上門收取物件。上門維修之每筆訂單最低費用需達 $1000 (或以上)。After you confirm the initial quotation, we will arrange a time to pick up the items as soon as possible. The minimum cost per order for Door-to-door repairs is $1000 (or more).

Step 3. 最終報價及收款 Final quotation & payment
在收取物件時,我們將會進行檢查,視乎物件的實際狀況提供最終報價,如閣下接受報價,我們將向您收取相應款項。When receiving the item, we will check it and provide a final quotation based on the actual condition of the item. If you accept the quotation, we will charge you the corresponding amount.

Step 4. 交由 The Groom 師傅進行維修程序 Repairs by our professional craftsmen
完成上門收取程序後,我們將立即把您的物品交給專業師傅進行維修。After completing the door-to-door collection process, we will immediately hand over your items to professional masters for maintenance.

Step 5. 完成後即時安排送遞 Immediate delivery after repairs are completed 
待維修程序完成後,將會盡快送遞閣下府上。After the repair process is completed, it will be delivered to your house as soon as possible.

*  使用上門收送服務需報價訂單金額達 $1000港幣 或以上
* To use the door-to-door delivery service, the order amount must be quoted at HK$1000 or above


如有任何爭議,修寶鞋藝享有最終解釋權。In case of any disputes, The Groom Shoes Repair reserves the right of final interpretation.

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